About Us

We want to be the change today by producing plastic free, compostable products

Our story

NU entered the hygiene care business in 2010 and quickly recognised the opportunity for  disposable products that were compostable and made completely from renewable materials. We started looking for businesses that made environmentally friendly materials for the baby and adult hygiene industry, but after several years looking with little success  we decided to develop our own. We now have a range of excellent products that are ethically produced, and highly compostable. including the packaging these offer consumers a genuine choice when wanting quality disposable hygiene products that provide a true ‘end of life’  solution, with no compromise.

Our mission

Our mission is to produce biodegradable products and solutions, which provide a smarter and better choice for consumers, and a credible ‘end of life’ solution in a category struggling to meet the heightened expectations and trust of consumers, and a universal call to reduce the long term damage of rampant consumerism on our planet. Our aim to make all our products 100% plastic free, compostable and use only sustainable materials.

The Team

Harvey Samuel


Harvey is an entrepreneurial visionary and founder of several successful businesses. After spending several years in research and development into innovation and investing in his own start-up businesses, his philosophy is to create solutions for everyday problems. He has the ability to see future trends and opportunities, and has the drive, belief and passion needed in his pursuit to make a difference. He is down to earth and very interpersonal, while remaining focused on the global picture. Harvey feels strongly about the future state of the environment and the part businesses must play to make the change.

Mike Dries

Director of Sales and Marketing

NU Personal Care has the privilege of welcoming Mike Dries to its executive Board. As director of Sales and Marketing, for almost 40 years Mike excelled in FMCG working with the major supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-op Group and many multinationals. As a sales director for Heinz, Mike enjoyed a long and illustrious career, and has brought this wealth of experience to NU.

Lynus Samuel

Head of Finance

As a valuable member of our NU team, Lynus brings a wealth of banking and finance experience with over 16 years’ experience in private and public banking. Her leadership qualities were quickly identified, and coupled with her knowledge of finance, Lynus was promoted and given the responsibility of heading up a specialist team of traders handling the banks International, foreign, and currency trading.

Who we are

NU is a group of passionate and principled experts in different fields, driven by the opportunity to create change and make a genuine difference.

We have been developing products and solutions that provide a smarter choice for consumers, and a credible ‘end of life’ solution in a category struggling to meet the heightened expectations and trust of consumers, and a universal call to reduce the long term damage of rampant consumerism on our planet.

Our Aim

Nu was created to challenge the conventions of the personal care market, that no longer represents what savvy consumers are looking for… and what’s good for the planet.

We are offering every individual the personal responsibility for their choices and actions, that recognizes their individuality whilst empowering them – it’s time for change. We are the change.


NU provides a tried and tested answer to the problem that is landfill waste, deforestation and lack of environmental sustainability. We believe our Bamboo product range is the solution because its stand out feature, is its ‘end of life’ credentials and potential.

NU recognizes sustainability is a must have, not a fashionable add-on. We are problem solvers… we want to cause a change.

The Nü Bamboo product range

Nappies ›

A 100% bamboo pulp based nappy that is biodegradable and highly compostable.

Women's care ›

Worlds' first tree-free sanitary pad that is 100% green compostable and organic bamboo based.

Wet Wipes ›

Ocean friendly wet wipes with added aloe vera & chamomile and ultra-soft dispersible materials

The Voice of NU News

Martin Dorey

Martin is a writer, surfer and camper van owner with a passion for marine conservation and “cleaning up”.

Creator of #2MinuteBeachClean, presenter of One Man and His Campervan and author of The Camper Van Cookbook, Martin has been to all kinds of brilliant and interesting places and believes in “leaving it nicer”. He’s received praise from the likes of the BBC, Radio 2, Metro, Mail on Sunday and the Independent.

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NU Bamboo Testimonial

Laura Rajaram


I found that NU nappies were excellent across absorbency, protection & comfort. I would also recommend them to others.

NU Bamboo Testimonial

Peta Trussel


I usually use cloth nappies, then we tried NU Bamboo nappies and found them to have excellent absorbency & comfort...and good protection.

NU Bamboo Testimonial

Sophie Wright


I found NU nappies to be really well made, and a great fit for my baby. I like the choice to do something good for the environment also.