We're all about product end of life and compostability, anything else is just noise and pretending

The average disposable

Nappy sticks around for

Up to 400 years

Consider end of life

Products with dirty end of life have become a major environmental, health and social problem for our planet. Not only have they caused great detriment to our natural habitats and oceans, they are now causing health risks. At Nü, we believe in plastic and that this material will be with us for a long time. However, we also believe that there needs to be a structured approach to regulating the materials used in single use products. There has to be a sustainable compromise between 100% plastic free and 100% plastic content. By creating products that can last their shelf life, perform their purpose, and will have minimum impact on our eco system at end of life, by making such products we can be the change today.


Say no to plastics

Plastic pollution currently affects the environment because plastics that we throw away do not decay for hundreds of years. This causes the release of toxic chemicals that affect the atmosphere as much as it does human, marine and plant life. Holding end of life, sustainable features is now an integral part of performance for a product, whereas in the past decades sustainability has been an add on at detriment to performance. Nü champions consumers to decide for themselves, whilst continuing to use products which uphold the same quality and consistency as a plastic, polluting version.


And 22,000 tonnes of

plastics end up in our


It grows faster

It uses less water

It produces more O²

We use Bamboo

We invested years in creating products that are 100% tree free by mainly using bamboo – an eco friendly alternative to wood pulp.

By using 100% organic bamboo pulp, we can guarantee that no trees were harmed in the making of our product range. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants producing 35% more oxygen than trees and does not require replanting.

Its fibre has natural anti-bacterial properties that creates a natural cooling effect for added comfort – perfect for all skin type.

Dirty End Of Life

A dirty end of life product will leave harmful and toxic residues, or residues of polymer in the environment. Many ‘oxo-degradables’ have been produced which cause significant harm to the environment. This is because they break down into thousands of microplastics! In many respects they are worse than a 100% plastic product! Pollution of our land and oceans is now causing severe detriment to our animals, our planet and to our health. Landfill for 400+ years is insane. A dirty end of life is totally unacceptable! Now is the time for Nü end of life!





Our Product Destination

At End Of Life

Is Waste To Green Energy

Clean End Of Life

Nü designs and manufacturers products that take the onus away from consumers to choose between sustainability and performance. By designing products, which incorporate both sustainability and performance, consumers can buy products without the worry of harming our planet.  A clean end of life is now essential for you, the consumer and for our planet. If all products have a clean end of life, our animals, our oceans and our planet will all benefit. Landfill for 400+ years is insane, and totally unnacceptable! Now is the time for a Nü end of life!

It’s a huge task

But you can make difference

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